Getting To Tilbury Cruise Teminal

(Google Maps)

Hopefully you are on the A1089 driving towards the Thames, Tilbury Docks and Tilbury Cruise Terminal (also know as the London Cruise Terminal).

Tilbury Docks (Google Maps)

On your right you will pass Tilbury Dock’s gate – this is NOT where the cruise terminal is, this is the commercial dock. You need to keep proceeding in a straight line (which is the left side of this image where you see the lorry approaching)

Tilbury Town Station

Continue driving past Tilbury Town Station which will be on your left.

Train: If you are on the train alight here. There are two ways out of the station – one way is what you see in the image, which puts you in a rather desolate industrial road where buses are pretty rare. You could walk to the terminal, but it must be a mile or two. With luggage that would be quite a challenge. If you exit out the opposite side of the station, there is a small town with a taxi office. I recommend that method of travel.

Driving: pass across a mini-roundabout. You should then shortly see Tilbury Cruise Terminal buildings and another roundabout in front of you.

Tilbury Cruise Terminal

You need to do a right at this mini-roundabout into the terminal gates (hidden on the right hand side of image).

If you turn left, you have got it wrong and will drive past the front of the terminal – there is no entrance there. Double-back.

The terminal has it’s own parking. However if it is full, from a previous cruise for example, you asked to drop your cases and passengers off at the front of the terminal (above). You then need to drive back to Tilbury Docks (which you have already passed) and park there. It’s only a few miles. Then they bus you back again – no charge!

Stopping On Route

If you look at the map above, at the large roundabout on the A1089 (top left-hand corner of the image) there is an ASDA Supermarket. It has a petrol garage a small café and a McDonald’s in the car-park. Although not exactly fine dining, you can get a sandwich, coffee or basic hot meal, if you are running early. To be honest, the McDonald’s food might actually be better – it’s probably a 50-50 gamble.  The terminal will probably have tea and coffee for sale, but not much else.


Tilbury landing Stage

If you drive past the front of  the terminal, there is the ‘Tilbury Ferry’ landing stage on your right (next to the terminal) . If it is open, and not full, you can drive your car across a bridge, and park your car there (short term/free). You get a nice view of the Thames and the bow or stern of the ship, depending which direction it is moored. However it can be closed if their is a big ship in. It also can be very full with cars, driven by people waving-off their family.  The little ferry docks here and takes foot passengers across the Thames to Gravesend, Monday to Friday.


Past the landing stage is a road that takes you to Tilbury Fort and the ‘World’s End’ pub. The fort is worth a visit, when it is open, if you have time on your hands. The pub is very isolated, but used to have a great view of the Thames from it’s beer garden, until they raised the height of the sea wall.

Let’s just say that it is not a particularly plush pub on the inside. The menu almost exclusively contain things with chips and more chips.