Replica Titanic (Romandisea)

While Clive Palmer’s (the Australian mineral billionaire) ‘Titanic II’ project continues to make slow progress, in 2017 another replica-Titanic project was begun.


This Titanic replica was for the Romandisea Tourism Resort in Sichuan Province, China. However this was never going to be a real ship. It was to be a hotel/tourist attraction, within a theme park.


(Courtesy Romandisea Tourism Resort)

Although construction work in China, progressed steadily throughout 2017, there have been no updates or construction images in 2018 or 2019. Two-thirds of the replica ship still remains unfinished. Completion deadlines have been missed.


(Courtesy Romandisea Tourism Resort)

Unofficial reports note that steel is now twice as expensive as it was in 2017. It has been said that the workers have quit and cranes dotting the site are frozen in time. It has been rumoured that Romandisea does not have money to even pay their salaries.

There has been a lack of media updates and construction virtually ceased in 2018 and has made little progress in 2019.   Maybe this replica Titanic has also hit an iceberg?*

Some may that in terms of good-taste and respect for the hundreds of passengers that lost their lives, the ill-fated vessel should be left alone?

*(Dec. 2019: I note that Romandisea  is now appealing for volunteers to help with the construction. This would suggest the above reports are true).


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