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Cashback Card (U.K)

January 3, 2018

My recent article about using the excellent Topcashback site, for travel bookings, has proved very popular.

I also use a cash-back credit card for most of my purchases, on-line or in shops, travel or other goods.  I use a ‘Platinum’ American Express’ card.

In short, I use the card and I get 1% cashback on most of my purchases. I also use it in conjunction with Topcashback to get extra discount. Now although 1% does not sound very impressive, in the course of a year, it mounts up. It’s essentially free money.

What’s the catch? There is no fee on this particular card. However you need to use it for most of your monthly spend to make it worthwhile. (Not difficult in this increasingly cashless society). There is a minimum spend of 5k per year, to get 1%, spend less and you get 0.5%.

What about the interest you ask? The interest is higher than some cards, but I have set up a direct debit to pay my monthly credit card bill in full. I do not use the credit facility as such. I pay NO interest.

American Express normally offers and introductory period when you get extra cashback. It is currently 5% for three months, to a maximum of £100 cashback.

What is the downside?  Not all shops and retailers accept American Express, but most do.

If you are interested, there are some terms and conditions that you should read. I’ve just given you the basic facts. I’m not a fiance expert. The card may not be suitable for everybody.

If you want more details and to possibly apply, please follow this link: HERE


(The terms and conditions quoted or the U.K ones at the time of writing and may change, please check with Amex.  American and other countries T&C’s may be different.)