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Exclusive – Jane McDonald Goes Steamboating

November 17, 2017

(Courtesy American Queen Steamboat Company)


On Monday 13th November, British celebrity and singing star,  Jane McDonald boarded the ‘American Queen’ paddle wheeled steamboat, In New Orleans.

She is taking a one week cruise, to Memphis, along the Mississippi with her camera crew. They are filming a new episode of her successful U.K. TV show ‘Cruising with Jane’. This new series will be shown in 2018.

The American Queen is the biggest paddle-wheeler ever built (1995), carrying around 428 passengers and has a ‘real’ paddlewheel powered by ‘real’ steam.

This should be a really interesting program, showing a very different type of river cruise, in a very different environment.

I wonder what song Jane will pick to sing at the end credits ‘Proud Mary’ (Rolling on the River) or ‘Old Man River’ maybe?



Meraviglia: What Jane Did NOT tell you!

September 9, 2017

(Courtesy Channel 5)

UK singer/personality Jane McDonald, has her second ‘Cursing’ series currently on UK TV.

Episode two featured Jane in the Mediterranean cruising on MSC’s new ‘Meraviglia’.

Now although I love Jane and enjoy her programme, it never gives proper reviews of the chosen ships. The show is a great piece of entertainment, rather than being a well balanced appraisal.

Some early passenger reviews of Meraviglia’, which have appeared on-line, have been quite negative about the experience on-board the ship. In fact I also read a very recent review (September, 2017) which highlighted the same issues as many June reviews did.

Not surprisingly, these issues were never mentioned or shown on Jane’s TV show.

(MSC )

MSC’s Meraviglia (‘Wonder’ in English) is their most exciting and biggest class of ship to date. She entered service in June 2017.

Meraviglia is 171,598 gross tonnes and carries up to 5,714 passengers. She is part of a rapid expansion of MSC’s fleet comprising of three new classes of ship: ‘Meraviglia’, ‘Seaside’ and ‘The Word Class’.  Meraviglia was the first of these ships to be delivered.

MSC’s origins are Italian, but they strive to offer a multi-national product.

Some commentators have been critical of the MSC experience on-board their smaller ships, in the past.  This poses two questions: Do MSC need to  raise their game to deliver a higher quality experience?  Can they achieve this on their biggest ship yet?

In short is Meraviglia really ‘Wonderful’?

Guest contributor, Tony Barraclough (UK), took  Meraviglia’s maiden voyage.

In fact Tony did a back-to-back itinerary: Le Havre to Genoa, then Genoa to Barcelona. He occupied two different grades of cabin and has written two reviews.

Tony has done ten MSC cruises, as well as ten cruises with other cruise lines, so he knows what he is talking about.

He has kindly given me permission to share his reviews with you.

MSC Meraviglia reviews: HERE