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Which is the World’s Biggest Cruise Ship?

July 10, 2017

Allure of the Seas passes under the ‘Great Belt Bridge’ (RCI)

It’s quite amazing how big some of today’s  cruise ship are. However most of the  future newbuilds will be even BIGGER.

200,000+ gross tonnes, carrying 6,000+ passengers will not be unusual within five years.  Remember the RMS Titanic was only around 45,000 gross tonnes.

The ‘official’ way of comparing a ships sizes is  ‘Gross Tonnage’ which is a measurement of internal volume, not weight.

However occasionally the layman (and the Press) talk about the biggest ship being the one that carries the most passengers. This is a little misleading as the ‘Oasis class’, for example, is the biggest ship in terms of gross tonnage, but there will be slightly smaller ships in the future which will cram more passengers on-board.

(Please note that some of the figures below are  based on rather sketchy details about newbuilds).


By Gross Tonnage

230,000 GT (estimate): Symphony of the Seas, 2018, and another unnamed Oasis class ship, 2021.
226,963 GT: Harmony of the Seas.
226,963 GT: Oasis of The Seas and Allure of the Seas
204,000 GT (estimate): “Global Class”: 2 Genting/Star Cruises ships, due 2020 and 2021.
200,000 GT (estimate). “World Class” – 4 MSC “World Class” cruise ships.
185,000 GT: Carnival brands will get 6x ships 2019-21.
171,598 GT: MSC Meraviglia 171,598 GT
168,666 GT: RCI’s Quantum Class Ships.


MSC’s World Class (Courtesy MSC)

By passenger capacity

6,870 passengers: Symphony of the Seas, due in 2018.
6,850 passengers (estimate): 4 MSC “World Class” ships.
6,780 passengers: Harmony of the Seas.
6,600 passengers (estimated): Carnival brands will get 6 ships.
6,360 passengers: An unnamed RCI Oasis class ship, due in 2021.
6,296 passengers: Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas.

(“Global Class”: 2 Genting/Star Cruises ships, 5,000 lower berths, upper berths unknown.)

A total of 17 ships which will accommodate at least 5,000 passengers are currently under construction.

(Source: The Times)

(Genting’s Global Class)

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