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How Big Is P&O’s New Iona?

September 24, 2018

This big:


(Courtesy P&O).

Above is the current P&O fleet, with ‘Iona’ added. However ‘Oriana’ will be leaving the fleet in August 2019. ‘Aurora’ will probably be next. I’m guessing that her time will come in 2023, at the latest.

Oriana and Aurora are begging to look like very ‘small’ ships when compared to today’s newbuilds.

I would not call Iona a ‘large’ ship, she is a mega-ship.  Iona will be around 180,000 gross tonnes, carrying up to 6,600 passengers, compared to Oriana at 69,000 gt, carrying up to 1,922 passengers.

For comparison, Britannia is 143,000 gt carrying up to 4,300 passengers.


Iona Deckplans Released

September 10, 2018


P&O have just revealed the deckplans for their new ship, Iona, entering service in 2020.

The design of the ship is not particularly revolutionary, apart from being very big and having lots of cabins (for up to 6,600 passengers). In fact some aspects of the design are quite traditional.

The public decks span form 4 to 18, with no deck 13.

Iona has no real ‘gimmicks’, unlike RCI, NCL and MSC vessels which often do have.  P&O fans will welcome this.

Many of the public spaces are exactly what you might expect and are located where you might expect to find them.  However there is no single main restaurant, in keeping with P&O’s total adoption of ‘freedom-dining’ on-board this ship.

Here are a few initial observations:

  • There are four main restaurants: the ‘Pearl’ is at the stern of deck 7, on deck 6, directly below is the ‘Coral’ with the ‘Aqua’ and ‘Opal’ just forward of the Coral, located on the port and starboard sides. The latter two look smaller than the former two.
  • Horizon, the buffet, is located on deck 16.
  • There is one main theatre, located at the bow of deck 6/7, although I suspect other public spaces (Grand Atrium and maybe the Dome) will also host some entertainment.
  • Ocean Studios (deck 6) is a four screen cinema.
  • The Crows Nest, on deck 17 gives a forward over-the bow-view, which P&O regulars will enjoy.
  • The Dome on deck 18 (covered pool/public space) is a very impressive glass roof over a pool area. It will be ideal for the unpredictable UK climate.
  • Iona has an infinity pool aft on deck 16 (the Lido deck) which sister-ship, AIDAnova, doesn’t have. However I can imagine the demand will create some big queues.
  • Deck 8, (the Promenade deck) does feature a complete wrap-round promenade, always very popular with us Brits. It shows some outside dining – NCL ‘Waterfront’ style?
  • I’m told that there will be a Library somewhere (deck 7?) but it’s not on the plans.
  • I note that’s that the balcony sizes is not the same for all cabins in a given class. For example, the decks between the Promenade and the Lido – decks 9 to 15 inclusive, is wider in some and narrower in others, and balcony sizes can vary between these locations. You’ll need to be aware of this when booking.
  • I also note that there are some front facing smaller-balcony cabins (GE grade) located right the bow, overlooking it, on decks 10 11, 12 and 14. Such accommodation is often reserved for premium grade cabins on many ships. However I suspect that the balconies would often be too windy to use, even on a summers day, due to the forward movement of the ship.
  • There are a lot of inside cabins. I’ve not counted them properly, but there must be around 250, I estimate.  It would be nice to see a big ship that has none, but the opportunities for extra income generation is too tempting for the designers and the cruise line.


See Iona Deck plans HERE