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New Titanic, New Blog

November 19, 2018

Titanic II, (Blue Star Line)

Readers have heard by now that Australian billionaire, Clive Palmer, has resurrected his idea to build a replica Titanic.

Now personally I believe that it WILL actually happen this time around and I am very excited about this idea.  Others are not, citing a lack of respect for the lives lost or simply a disinterest in the whole idea of cruising on-board a recreation of a106 year old ship.

Therefore I have created a separate Titanic II blog. (Go on, at least have a quick look!)

Waterworld (this blog) will still carry some Titanic II news, but the ship, it’s design and construction will be covered in more depth on my new dedicated “Titanic II News”.

You can subscribe to ‘Titanic II News’ in the normal way, if you wish (no fee, no spam) by clicking on the ‘Follow’ button on the home page of the new blog.

To view Titanic II News, just follow the link: HERE