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Crystal Cruises’ Edie Rodriguez Resigns

September 18, 2017

Edie Rogriguez (Courtesy of Crystal)

Edie Rodriguez, who has led Crystal Cruises in its expansion since October 2013, resigned on Friday 15/09/17.

Rodriguez said her sudden departure from the luxury cruise line, which has offices in Miami, was “very amicable.” She expects to announce plans to join another venture in the coming weeks, she said.

Rodriguez will be succeeded by travel veteran Tom Wolber, effective immediately.

Wolber has worked at the Walt Disney Company for nearly 30 years, including 10 years at Disney Cruise Line as senior vice president of operations.


Malcolm says: Unfortunately my outstanding memory of Ms. Rodriguez, is that she is the woman who suggested that Crystal would return the classic ocean liner, ‘SS United States’ (1951) back to service. However they didn’t!

The concept proved to be too difficult/expensive. I could have told them that and I’m not an expert. It is always going to be cheaper to construct a newbuild than renovate a piece of maritime history.


The United States Line

March 19, 2016

(Source unknown)

United States Lines was a former transatlantic shipping company that operated cargo services from 1921 to 1989, and ocean liners until 1969—most famously, the SS United States.

SS America was an ocean liner built in 1940 for the United States Lines and designed by the noted naval architect William Francis Gibbs. She was  26,454 GRT and carried 1,202 passengers.

the SS United States entered service in 1952. She was (and still is) the largest ocean liner built in the United States and the fastest ocean liner ever built. She was 53,330 GT and carried 1,928 passengers.

She immediately set transatlantic speed records, capturing the Blue Riband from the Queen Mary.

With the introduction of the larger and faster United States in 1952, America’s reign as queen of the US merchant marine was taken away from her. Their disparity in size and speed prevented them from becoming true running mates like the RMS Queen Mary and RMS Queen Elizabeth of the Cunard Line. But she still was a favourite of many.

The SS America is of course somewhat forgotten compared to the SS united states

See the SS America story HERE

Below is a slide-show by Crystal Cruises of renderings of the renovated SS United States:

SS United States Renovation News HERE


Susan Gibbs & Edie Rodriguez, President Crystal Cruises (Courtesy AFP)



Beauty & The Beast

December 12, 2015

Many of my readers enjoy smaller ships. They enjoy their  intimacy and often prefer the aesthetics of smaller (often older) ships to todays floating apartment blocks.

I found this picture below, of two lovely ship models, to illustrate the point:


The apartment block in question is ‘Oasis of the seas’.  The smaller ship is the legendary ‘SS United States’ Ocean Liner.

Now I don’t doubt the achievement and facilities that Oasis represents. However in terms of aesthetics the SS United States wins hands down. She is a machine of beauty and the fastest Ocean Liner ever built.

‘Oasis of the seas’ is of course extremely successful, while the ‘SS United States’ is in lay-up, slowly rusting away. Over the years, she has regularly faced the prospects of being scrapped.

I love both ships.

You can find my review of  ‘Oasis’ and material about the ‘SS united States,’ on this site, if you want to know more about either ship.