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New Cruise Line Aimed At Millennials Scraps Age Limit

March 12, 2018

(Image Courtesy of Uniworld)

The world’s first cruise line for millennials – which intended to ban over-45s when it launches in April – has been forced to ditch its age limit just weeks before setting sail.

U by Uniworld, a new brand from the well-established cruise operator, had billed its two trendy new ships, called A and B, as strictly for 21- to 45-year-olds.


An image from Uniword’s ‘U’ Concept: But would these young women really take a river cruise? (Given the fact that they are probably models, you are more likely to find them on-board  a private yacht!)

“Originally, U was specific in defining its target market between the ages of 21 and 45, but has learned that the experience is less about a number, and more about attracting a new generation of adult travellers to river cruising.” said Chris Townson, the Uniworld’s UK managing director.


Malcolm says: I hate say that I told you so, but a while back I said: “The brochure is full of images of young people. In fact I am a little cynical that Uniworld can really attract people as young as the ones pictured, but I wish them luck.  The other big issue is the often high fares. I wonder how many financially comfortable millennials want to spend their money on a river cruise? An RCI, MSC or NCL mega-ship, full of high-energy activities and ‘gimmicks’, sounds much more likely to appeal to millennials, in my opinion. “

What were Uniworld’s marketing department thinking? Giving the brand a trendy new name and painting the boats black was obviously not enough! It was still a laid-back/very expensive river cruise experience, more suitable for the well-heeled, more mature guest.

I’m all for attracting a wider clientele to river cruising. However I think they need a total redesign of the boats and product, before river cruising will even begin to appeal to a younger crowd. Some good entertainment might help, for starters. I believe that many younger people generally need a higher level of activity and a more lively  atmosphere on-board a ship – ‘relaxation’ and a jigsaw puzzle may not be enough.

How long before they paint the boats white again? I’m taking bets!