Titanic Vs Oasis of the Seas

The RMS Titanic is of course one of the most famous ships ever built, for all the wrong reasons.

It is a well-known fact that she was the biggest ship of the time (1912), but not everybody realises that she would be considered small when compared to today’s cruise ships.

First let me say that the two ships were built almost 100 years apart (Oasis entered service in 2009). Titanic was a multi-class ‘Royal Mail’ steamer built for the transport passengers and mail between NY and the UK, before the era of long-haul flying. Oasis on the other hand is a one-class floating ‘pleasure resort’ designed to cruise the Caribbean. Apart from both being passenger ships, they are chalk and cheese, designed in different era’s, with different levels of technology,  for very different purposes.

Titanic is of course British (built in Belfast) and Oasis American (but built in Finland).  The different methods of construction, different eras and different purposes of each vessel influences the construction, décor and on-board facilities and experience.  The two ships are almost beyond comparison.  Never the less I will continue….

Little and Large

Some ships are longer, some taller, some wider which makes any comparison confusing. Therefore the standard way of comparing a ships size is gross tonnage (gt). This is not a measurement of weight, it is a measurement of internal volume (space) on board a ship.

Oasis beats the Titanic in every dimension: the Titanic was around 46,000gt.  She could carry a maximum 3547 passengers and crew, in both luxury accommodation and very cramped/basic accommodation (called steerage, because the third class was deep in the ships hull, near the rudder mechanism).

In contrast, Royal Caribbean’s ‘Oasis of the Seas’, the world’s biggest class of ship (in 2009) is 225,000 gt, which is nearly five times bigger than Titanic.  She can carry a maximum of 8,461 passengers and crew.  In terms of length, the Titanic was 269m and Oasis is 360m. The Titanic had 9 decks, Oasis has 16.


One statistic that both ships share is that they could  both achieve a maximum speed of around 23 knots.  This is quite modest, but I guess that’s was the maximum  speed that the Titanic’s coal boilers could deliver and modern cruise ship are not built for high speed. It’s not required for cruising.   Another interesting comparison is Cunard’s ‘Queen Mary 2’ (a modern day Ocean Liner) can achieve around 30 knots, if required and she’s around three times bigger than the Titanic at 148,00 gt.  However, propulsion systems has clearly advanced since 1912. Oasis of course does not use coal and steam and does not require a big workforce of boiler  ‘stokers’.

Titanic: 3rd Class cabin (steerage)

Perhaps the most dramatic differences between Titanic and Oasis, apart from the sheer size difference, is that of creature comforts and passenger facilities. Oasis has 2700 passenger cabins, all with air-con, TV, en-suite sink, toilet and a shower. Oasis is of course a ‘one class ship’ with no segregation.  In contrast, the Titanic was a three class ship with clear segregation.  The majority of Titanic’s cabins were cramped and  did not have private baths or toilets. In fact there were only two baths for the 700 third class (steerage) passengers, one for men and one for women.

Let’s not forget that Oasis has the modern methods of communication on-board such as telephones and Internet/E-main facilities.  On board the Titanic even the use of Morse-code, via radio, was new technology at the time.

Oasis: Royal Loft Suite

There was very little formal entertainment on-board the Titanic, just an orchestra of eight men. You will have seen in the James Cameron’s movie, where the steerage passengers had to make their own entertainment.

Of course modern cruise ships like ‘Oasis’  offers a whole host of activities and entertainment, including a ‘Theatre’ offering ‘Broadway’ style shows and an ‘Aqua’ show with divers and synchronised swimmers.  Oasis takes the whole concept much further than any other ship and is truly a ‘floating resort’. She has an internal street, a Park (with real plants and trees) an Ice skating rink, rock climbing walls, a water-park, beauty therapy centre and a surf simulators with real water, to name some of her facilities. Titanic’s designer, Thomas Andrews could only dream of such a floating city as Oasis.

However, one similarity was that both Titanic and Oasis featured a Gymnasiums, but you probably guessed that Oasis’s is so much bigger and hi-tech.

Titanic’s Gym

Oasis: Aqua-park

No one is any doubt that Titanic sank because she hit an iceberg. However the reason why has been a matter of much conjecture.  She was clearly going too fast and the iceberg was spotted too late. However one theory suggests that her small rudder did not allow her to take evasive action in time.

Titanic: Rudder and Screw

Oasis does not have a rudder. Her engines (giant electric motors) are housed in four pods suspended below the ship, all of which can rotate 360 degrees making her highly manoeuvrable for a big ship.

Oasis: Azipods

Modern radar systems and ‘ice alert’ patrols help to prevent such an accident ever happening again.  Of course Oasis has lifeboats, with a seat for every passenger and many extra seats too. Titanic only had 20 lifeboats which were not enough, so the sinking resulted in the deaths of 1,517 of the 2,223 people on board.  Oasis’s lifeboats are all enclosed  and have engine power.  Titan’s were open to the elements and had oars for rowing.

Titanic Lifeboats (passenger capacity 40-65, but few were full)

Oasis Lifeboat (372 passenger capacity)

One final important difference is that some of the passengers on board the Titanic were rich, they had to be. The Titanic fares were:

  • First Class (parlour suite) £870/$4,350 ($83,200 today)
  • First Class (berth) £30/$150 ($2975 today)
  • Second Class £12/$60 ($1200 today)
  • Third Class (steerage) £3 to £8/$40 ($298 to $793 today)

In 1912  the Average American earned $300 per year.

Oasis is designed for the masses and the cabins (sorry ‘staterooms’) are all significantly cheaper (given modern income levels) than those on-board the Titanic. You can also have a cabin with a private balcony too on-board Oasis, there are hundreds!

However, the Titanic wins this competition with the quality and tastefulness of her internal décor for the first and second classes.  No expense was spared. Titanic had  much fine wooden panelling, hand carved mouldings and ornaments, many of which were gilded. She had the finest china, furniture, high quality soft furnishings, not forgetting the beautiful oak ‘grand Staircase’.  In contrast, although ‘Oasis’ is attractive internally, and probably pretty expensive, her décor resembles Las Vegas in places.

Malcolm Oliver


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92 Responses to “Titanic Vs Oasis of the Seas”

  1. jomar Says:

    hi i just read your comparison of the titanic and the oasis, its just a matter of common sense the titanic was in the early 20th century so that means there were no high tech gadgets or technology of whatsoever during that time compared in today’s age. and during that time still class of people are important, which made titanic far more different and luxurious compared at today’s bulgy criuse ships. Cruise ships where designed just a plain ship to carry passengers who just want to unwind and that’s it but compared to titanic and any other ocean liners of the past they where built with importance. To carry mail, to be as a troop ship during the war, so theres the importance of those ships compared in todays cruise ships with little importance. Still ocean liners of the past were still remembered because of what they did in history but now cruise ships after they finished their certain years in service they will be just junks.

  2. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Jomar, you said: “Cruise ships where designed just a plain ship to carry passengers”. Today’s cruise ships are often far from ‘plain’ but I do agree that most are not very tasteful in terms of decor.

  3. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Dream is now sailing for Thomson but early reviews are not good: Air con in cabins not working, TV not working properly, telephone not working, Toilets didn’t flush properly Ceiling in cabin and many public areas leaking Very poor quality and choice of meals in the buffet restaurant. No organised daytime activities on board for adults, Total lack of communication between crew and guests. Endless long queues everywhere on the ship (buffet restaurant, reception,on embarking and disembarkation etc).

  4. Aura Says:

    Great review and very interesting.

    I think they should have fine wooden paneling, hand carved mouldings and ornaments on a cruise liner. Nice to have proper china mugs and cups with the ships emblem on, and oner oak grand staircase (with stair lift for disabled). Also a library.

    But then it would probably cost a bit.

  5. Mako Says:

    In 1912 was R.M.S. Titanic largest ship in the world, after her sister ship R.M.S. Olympic, it was second ship in the world which has pool on board. It was masterpiece of Harland & Wolff shipbuilders and best White Star Line ship. Titanic was NOT build for speed, Cunard turbine-powered ships were built for speed, but Olympic class liners were built as luxurious floating palaces. First class cabins were all equiped with their own bathrooms, electric lights and 2 most luxurious apartments on B deck has even their own promenade. 3rd. class on Titanic was also probably the best 3rd. class ever build to 1912, many survivors from 3rd. class say, that their cabins were clean, without rats, and they were like 2nd. class on other ships. You cant compare 2 ships, which were built 100 years apart. In 1912 Titanic was better ship, that Oasis is in 2010.

  6. jomar Says:

    Hi, could make also a comparison about the titanic and queen mary2 or all of cunard ship’s today?..Im enjoying reading your comparison between the titanic and oasis of the seas.Cheerio!!!!!!

  7. asraf Says:

    well titanic is a much more beautiful ship compared to the oasis infact i’ve never seen other ship that is as good looking as the titanic, titanic in the most beautiful ship ever made by the hand of men in all history.

  8. elrjames Says:

    Yes Malcolm, a fun comparison and your 29th April remarks do that well. Please “check out” the following link for important qualification to the small rudder size / slow evasive action idea.


  9. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    A nice link, thanks.

  10. lawrence Says:


  11. King Tamayo Says:

    There is no ship that can ever beat the most beautiful and most fascinating RMS TITANIC. Because she made history in the whole world, which people talk about even if were now in the 21st century. Yes, we admit that OASIS is larger than TITANIC. But in terms of luxury and expenses for making a ship, RMS TITANIC was the best ship that ever made in the history of the people…….

  12. Bruce Tucker Says:

    Many thanks for a great website, we’re experienced cruisers and boarding Thomson Celebration for a ‘cheapo’ Red Sea Cruise 10/02/2011 so your comeents habe been a relief.
    Thoroughly enjoyed this Oasis/Titanic comparison, we’re aboard Crown Princess in August including Iceberg Alley in Greenland. Hope she avoids the ice better than Titanic.
    Thanks again.
    Bruce Tucker.

  13. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Bruce don’t expect five star, but I certainly felt that i got more than I paid for!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    In paragraph 5, you state,”although as a cruise ship ‘Oasis’ is not built for speed, Titanic was”. I have been studying the Titanic for years, so I know when I say that the Titanic was NOT designed for speed. The Titanic was designed for luxury. By the way, Titanis top speed was 24 knots. Unfortunately on its maiden voyage, it never reached this speed.

  15. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Writer Barry Couchan says: So in April, 1912, White Star introduced their latest ship, the RMS Titanic which set off on its first North Atlantic crossing. Logically, it makes sense why the White Star Line would want to go after the speed record. It had the newest and most powerful ship ever built.

    So the Titanic was built for ‘speed and ‘luxury’.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    It’s just amzing to see the difference in size, We all thought the Titanic was big but now we are introducted to these new ships and it blows my mind. But if we truly do think about it Titantic isn’t all that big to us, now a days that is like a little tiny boat in the water compared to the Oasis, although big in it’s time, not even big enough to compare to our ships today.
    But I truly think the Titanic will some how always be better to us all, there will always be the wonder there of all that happened to our Titanic.

  17. John - MM Says:

    Malcolm thanks for your great site.
    It’s refreshing to see some one who knows that GT is not a measurement of weight. So many writers make this fundamental mistake therefore showing how little they know.
    I must agree with anonymous that Titanic was not built to be faster than the other Cunard turbine ships.
    The rudder was small by todays standards – but 100 years ago a larger rudder would not lasted long due to the stresses imposed. Olympic is said to have handled well.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    King Tamayo Says:
    February 2, 2011 at 01:25
    …. But in terms of luxury and expenses for making a ship, RMS TITANIC was the best ship that ever made in the history of the people…….

    I’d like to be able to ask those 700 people sharing 2 baths how luxurious they felt.

  19. Star Says:

    Hey this is really cool lol 700 people sharing 2 baths thats what jack had to do

  20. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Maybe that’s why Jack seemed to spend much of his time in first class?

  21. Anonymous Says:

    so how are you even compering the two ships!

  22. mason man Says:


  23. Chris Angelo Punzalan Says:

    my one and only ship in my life is the titanic with the luxurious designs. titanic is the largest ship in the world in the year of 1912.while the oasis is in present 2011.i know that the oasis is the biggest than the titanic.but titanic has the history that never forget the people, and people never forget the love story of jack and rose in the titanic.

  24. Anonynous Says:

    Unlike these modern day monstrosities, Titanic actually looked like a ship. Today’s “ships” look like floating condominiums. Nothing surpasses the look of White Star’s Olympic- class. Like other people have said, there was wrong with her rudder and the Olympics were not built for speed. Olympic, Titanic, and Britannic were built for comfort. White Star Line wanted comfort and luxury to go hand and hand. Cunard’s Lusitania and Mauretania were built for speed and had the ability to reach 28-29 knots. The Olympics could reach 24 knots, which Titanic never did during her maiden voyage as all of her boilers were not lit. The Olympic- class were not built for speed!! And powerful does not mean faster. These trio of liners were bigger than any other White Star ship and weighed over 45,000 tons. More power was needed because of the size of the ships: 882.5 ft long. 92/ 94(Britannic) ft wide was larger than anything at the time.

    You mention something about ice alerts. Thank the Titanic. If it was not for the Titanic, the SOLAS would never have come into effect and the ice patrol would not exist.

    How can you compare the amenities of ships from the 1910s with those things of today? People did not have the same hygiene practices that we do. They were also able to keep themselves entertained by socializing, reading a book, or strolling the promenade. Things were a lot simpler. I would also like to point out that the photograph of the rudder and propellers is actually of the Olympic. One more thing before I finish my long response. If that ship sunk in less than an hour, like Lusitania, Empress of Ireland, or Britannic, how would the lifeboats be loaded with tops like that? Just because a lifeboat is covered does not make it better. When a ship sinks, that’s when you would want a simple design so it can be loaded quickly and efficiently.

    Overall, Titanic and her sisters win in my book. I would like to see the oasis ram and sink a u-boat like Olympic.

  25. Shamir Says:

    Excellent article. It’s nice to put things into perspective with today’s standards. This article’s intention was not to evaluate which ship was better. That would be like comparing apples to oranges. The intention was to give the reader an idea of today’s ships vs. those of a hundred years ago.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, Titanic made history…. but unfortunately most people here who write about it, only found this “history” after watching James Cameron’s movie. So… please – no more “Jack & Rose” crap – they were made-up characters for the movie! Speaking of speed, whether Titanic was the fastest Cunard ship or not, neverthless they still went after the Blue Ribbon, which was given to the fastest trans-Atlantic ocean liner.

  27. Rob Says:

    Sounds like a lot of emotional responses here but if the Titanic was such a wonderful ship it wouldn’t be sitting at the bottom of the Atlantic. Interesting to note that ships built shortly after Titanic were built with 1 and a quarter inch steel hull as was recommended for Titanic by it’s designers, but rejected by the owner to save money on coal. That ship, Titanic, might have been sitting beside the Queen Mary in Long Island as a floating museum instead of the ocean floor if White Star had listened to Harland and Wolf’s experts.

  28. Greg Says:

    To judge a ship by its ultimate fate is foolhearty. Titanic did have her weaknesses (as does any ship). However, she was a victim of careless arrogance as opposed to any real structural flaw. I predict that one of these days, one of these so-called maritime wonders that look like buildings on a giant raft is going to roll over in heavy seas and kill thousands of people, all because we’re once again convinced that technology can compete with anything the sea can dish out. It’s sad that after 100 years, we’re still as arrogant and stupid as we were when Titanic put to sea.
    As for thickness of the hull, Titanic’s fate wouldn’t have been any different because all the evidence points to thousands of rivets which held the steel plating together were jarred loose upon impact rather than a rip in the plating itself, which was believed for many years after the disaster. Had Titanic served a full career, she would have been scrapped just as her sister, Olympic, was. The truth is that although Titanic was the largest and one of the most elegant ships of her day, she would have been surpassed the following year by the first of three liners being built in Germany. In fact, if not for the tragedy, Titanic probably wouldn’t be known, today.
    RMS Queen Mary which sits in Long BEACH, California. Her future is uncertain because throughout her berthing there, financial problems have been a constant nuisance. So, even the Mary’s future is uncertain.

  29. Ryan Jerrison Says:

    The honouree title of “World’s largest ship” has been held by so many ships throughout history! Just five weeks after Titanic sank Germany launched The Imperator which would have; once commissioned taken the title as world’s largest ship! And did so from Olympic which yet again regained the title after Titanic sank. This philosophy is apparent amongst most things such as “World’s tallest building” or “World’s fastest car!” Etc. All of which change hands constantly! To compare 100 years of evolution is pretty pointless really. Titanic is and still will be famous when Oasis Of The Seas is nothing more than recycled bean tins, when ships five times the size of Oasis roam the seas! Yes you still get the odd idiot that refuses to believe that nothing could ever surpass the sheer size of Titanic! The truth is she is and always will be everything that is fascinating full stop!

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Wait… So the history of the Titanic makes it a better ship? The history of the terrible class decision. The sinking and death of 1500 people… This makes the ship somehow better? Of course it will be remembered long past these other ships because of the TRAGEDY!

    If the Titanic did not sink it would be as forgotten as any other ship. This was about comparing the ships themselves… Not the “history”.

    I also think that many of the people romancing about ships like the Titanic and crapping on newer ships have never actually stepped foot one.

  31. ANON Says:

    Is stupid how people compare a 100 years ago ship with a 2010 ship, is just stupid.

  32. Denise Says:

    Thankyou for your article, I believe this was an answer to my question on compairing the size of the Titanic and present day cruise liners.
    I agree that had the Titanic not sunk, with such a huge loss of lives, she would have gone the way of many other ships, lost in the midst of time, and that it is purely down to that fateful night and terrible tradgedy that she lives on, and so she should. We must not forget her or her passenger’s or crew ! she was a marvel of her time,
    With luxury and splendour unknown to the comman man. In that regard are we not better off with todays liner’s, that sail the sea’s without a need for class distinction.
    I passed the docks in Southampton some time ago, when the QE2 was berthed there, she was the biggest thing I had ever seen, up to that point, but no doubt the Allure and others like her probably dwarf even the QE2

  33. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Guess I’m just stupid then! ;-)

    Curiously it is my most viewed piece that I’ve written!

  34. Diego Says:

    I think that the oasis of the seas is better because it’s newer.but on the year 1912 the biggest ship was the titanic.i remind you that jack and rose where the movie characters.

  35. Mason Says:

    Titanic is better and much more popular

  36. marthil louis Says:

    there is one to think about guys ,it is two diffrent times and I believe if they making another titanic it would beat oasis.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    Butlins of the Seas!

  38. Edward Says:

    Maclolm awesome article i really loved it. Its just fascinating how human technology is so dynamic and advanced every time. Yet im curious and want to compare these new boats to the legendary Titanic. The positives about these cruise ships they put the “fun” back in traveling rather than just “get there.” Same happened to Route 66 it was fun to travel now people have forgotten that traveling brings back family closer and unforgettable memories. Sweet article.

  39. ISLAND_DUDE684 Says:

    i think that no one should ever try to compare anything with the titanic. Titanic was the first largest ship ever made AND during that time it is really unbelievable. I bet if pieces from the titanic was retrieved i bet it would be worth more then the oasis. come on now, we are more advance in technology now then before and how dare you try and compare anything to the Titanic.

  40. Drafthorse Says:

    it was very interesting to read everyones commets. i think if back in 1912 they had all technology that we have today I think the Titanic would out do Oasis. The Oasis looks pretty scary to me because it’s so big. Some one mentioned that the Oasis looks like a floating building. Yes it is a cruise ship, but how do we know she won’t have the same problem or other problems that will come up without the public really knowing it. What about these cruise ships where people have gooten sick on their cruise?

  41. whoaman Says:

    Silly, silly people. If it hadn’t sunk no one would care one whit about something named Titanic. Get over yourselves people.

  42. Hunter Says:

    Great Ocean Liners had so much more class. I had the great fortune to have traveled on the SS United States, the SS Independence, the SS Constitutiion, the SS Brazil and SS Argentina. They were big ships, not huge, byt they hard character and personality. And they were fun. Meals were alsways great; you got waited by great waiters; the wines were the best. The food was superb. Everything about the ocean liners was to enjoy.

    The cruise ships to today may be huge, and hae large accomodations, but they lack personality, It’s like comparing a fine bronze sculpture to a pllastic knock off. The plastic statue may be “pretty” but it does not have personality. The ocean liners had personality.

    While I never got to rravel on the QE2 or the original Queen Elizabeth or Queen Mary, my expeerience of the SS United States and the other ships I mentioned is no doubt comparable to the grand Cuanrders, or the Isle de France. Wouldn’t it be grand for someone to bring back the SS Uniited States and turn her into a cruise ship with personality..

  43. Brian Says:

    I think one thing is clear though, designing and building the Titanic was a much bigger and harder task than building the Oasis of the seas, everything was done with pen and paper from the stability to the design and with no help from computers, the machines used to heat and bend the steel into shape was all done by hand, no cnc machines, computer controlled cutters or sheet steel benders so building a ship twice the size of the oasis is easy these days, computerised machines do all the work, just have to load the machines with steel, they do all the cutting and bending and we weld the parts together, and lets not forget about transporting these parts around the shipyard, it was all horse and cart then with steam cranes and pulleys, we couldn’t build a ship in that way now, the Skill is long gone along with the skilled craftsmen who fitted out the ship.

  44. Dan Giambrone Says:

    In my opinion the Titanic looked a more classy than these new cruise liners. I think that you nailed it when you said that the Oasis looks like a floating Vegas hotel.

    It is exciting to hear that a new Titanic could be with us by 2016. I would one day like to see a new titanic at an even larger scale than the RC ships.

  45. Thomas Says:

    You can’t compare a ship from 100 years ago to a ship now! It’s pointless, ships couldn’t possibly be made as big as they are now, everything was done by hand, not with computers, of course the had some machines to help, that’s how they managed to get her as big as they did.

    About the class segregation, that was the norm in those days, that’s how it was, it’s a different century now, of course there wouldn’t be segregation anymore, so you can’t speak badly of that since it was on EVERY ship, the class system was only abolished in the mid-20th century.

    Entertainment was different then to, all somebody needed was a book, a walk on the deck, or some socialization.

    What I’m trying to say is, you can’t compare a ship from 100 years ago to one today, it’s pointless! And one last thing, I actually agree with you on the interior look better on the Titanic, as did the exterior, nower days ships all look like floating buildings, they used to look like ships!

  46. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    But I have compared them! (Seriously Thomas, I do agree with you, but it’s certainly a talking point).

  47. Aslam pasha Says:

    I think titanic had greater value at its time than the oasis has in present.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Great article! I’ve been looking everywhere to compare the dimensions and size of the Titanic to modern day cruise ships. I’m not too bothered about he interior or exterior just size.

    I don’t know why everyone is moaning about not being able to compare the Oasis of the Seas to Titanic you already stated that’s it unfair to. They get so caught up in it you’d think they were the ones who built the Titanic!

    The only reason that Titanic is remembered so fondly today is because she sank on her maiden voyage no doubt. Had she not sank which such a great loss of life, NO ONE would care. She would have been overshadowed by some other ship built the next year.

    TBH the only reason I was ever interested in the story of Titanic because it was so tragic but that doesn’t make her the best ship ever. Whenever something comes to an early/tragic end people always exaggerate it’s greatness whether machine or man.

  49. Anonymous Says:

    the comparison of rooms is unfair:
    titanic´s 3rd class with oasis´ suite. they should compare a standard inner cabin from the oasis

  50. Scott Says:

    I glad that we have the technology today to build these massive ships. But you have to remember it was the progression of history that brought us here. The triumphs of the past are the reason we have what we do today and the lessons of disaster are why we are more cautious. Such as having more than enough lifeboats and safety equipment on today’s ships. I do wish more ships were as artful as the Titanic. You can tell by going on the Queen Mary in Long Beach that they started going down hill around that time period. Oh well. At least the entertainment continues to grow.

  51. johnniewalker Says:

    Interesting range of discussion so far. I trained as a naval architect and bacame a shipbuilder because of the Titanic. A learnt about the disaster through the National Geographic when I was at Primary School and started to draw and paint pictures of her and the other Atlantic Greyhounds then.
    I would say two things about the Titanic in relation to all large modern cruise liners. Firstly, Olympic and Titanic were designed to sink “safely” after severe flooding. On the other hand, Costa Concordia, which is a typical example of the modern large cruise liner, with nearly twice the number of passengers, suffered about the same extent of damage as Titanic and, with the same kind of long rip down one side of the hull below the waterline, quickly heeled over, was not able to launch all the boats and would have capsized if she hadn’t grounded- we don’t seem to have learnt the lesson yet Scott! Titanic remained on a roughly even keel to the end enabling all lifeboats to be launched (just about). She was carefully designed to behave like this, unlike Costa’s ships, which will capsize after extensive flooding from one side even though this could be avoided by improving the design.
    Secondly, Olympic and Titanic were elegantly proportioned and, like all ships of their day, had curvature throughout their length which gave them grace. Her Australian replica will lack this gracefull curvature because it costs too much to build. All large contemporary cruise liners are floating tower blocks, top heavy in looks and severe in line: they lack grace completely, both inside and out, because their owners don’t know the meaning of the word and their passengers don’t seem to care.
    Give me Mauretania, Titanic, Aquatania, QM1, Normandy etc. any day and I’ll bet the service was pretty good too!

  52. DenisXD Says:

    I agree with everyone, you seem to forget that Titanic is a 1912 ocean liner so you can’t possibly compare them.

    You maybe got fascinated by oasis’s size but ask yourself how long it would take for her to sink if she had an underwater damage of 1\3 of her overall length like Titanic had.. it was a far better ship than oasis in terms of overall construction, luxury and looks.

    Get your facts straight…

  53. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Too late Denisxd, I have compared them! ;-)

  54. Kevin Says:

    Quite honestly Titanic and her sisters were outclassed in terms of size, luxury and speed starting in 1913 with Germany’s Imperator, Vaterland and Bismarck. The German trio had Pompeian swimming pools (compared to the Olympic classes rather plain pool), double height dining rooms (compared to the Olympic classes single height), overall spacious and airy public rooms and a much more refined a la Carte restaurant. After all it was the Germans who pioneered bringing French chefs aboard their extra tariff restaurants.

    While the Cunard duo of speed queens along with their upcoming “Ship Beautiful” Aquitania was going to provide a weekly express service White Star Line could not match due to sheer bad luck with the loss of Titanic and Britannic.

    This put White Star Line in a tough position which culminated in their eventual merger with Cunard during the Great Depression. Even with post-war prizes of Majestic (ex-Bismarck) and Homeric (ex-Columbus) running in tandem with Olympic it was tough to keep up with Cunard’s Berengaria, Aquitania and Mauretania simply because Homeric could not match the speed of her fleetmates at 19.5 knots.

    Then you had the French enter the fray shortly after the Titanic sank with their monopoly on the title of most luxurious ocean liner beginning with France, Paris, the visionary Ile de France and finally the pinnacle of ocean liner design Normandie.

    The resurgent Germans then introduced the twin flyers Bremen and Europa smashing Mauretania’s speed record. Where Ile de France introduced the modern ocean liner decor these two ships embodied the exterior profile of what a modern ocean liner looks like.

    Quite frankly the British were too conservative in their approach to all aspects of ocean liner design whether it be interior decor or exterior profile. During the Roaring Twenties their ships were described as “Victorian mausoleums” when compared to the chic Ile de France.

  55. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Kevin, what an informative post!

    (And yes I know it is silly comparing Titanic and Oasis but it does generate much comment!)

  56. D. Williams Says:

    I’d take a majestic, graceful, and refined ship, similar to Olympic and Titanic ANY day of the week, and any month of the year!! Today’s modern “cruise ships” are INDEED floating monstrosities. And whilst we continue to arrogantly boast how much more “technologically advanced” and reliable they seem to be, we are forgetting ONE important detail. You cannot trade refinement for gadgets, nor true style for abominable modern design, nor opulence for high speed and high tech…and STILL expect to create a memorable thing of true beauty. Also, many people look at the Titanic as a flawed or a doomed ship, which given more advancements in technology (that we think we have today)…would have been more reliable.

    HOWEVER, so many of those same people forget about Olympic, Titanic’s near identical sister! I’d truly love to see a modern, cruise-type “ship”, take on the long, successful legacy of Olympic…including the innumerable beatings she took, and still keep coming back for more, as she did! This type of ship was in NO way a flawed design, nor an unreliable vessel. Bear in mind, as well, that a ship will only be as good as those who are properly skilled and equipped to run her!

    Oh, and you want to talk about interior design? Take a look at the photos of Olympic’s fittings (many of which were near identical to Titanic, and still survive today in hotels and a couple of private homes), One contributor here agrees with the term “Victorian mausoleums!! The entire statement is absurd, and those who believe this have no appreciation for the true art of classic style. Elegance never goes out of style for those who have the mind and heart to appreciate it.

    The lovely Olympic has truly earned her titles, over and over, of “Old Reliable” and “The Ship Magnificent”. In the words of one of her captains, Bertram Fox Hayes, “She is, in my estimation, the finest ship to have ever been built, or ever would be again”. Indeed, and sadly, she was one of the last Grand Ladies…

  57. Antony Says:

    Hi Malcom,

    The first comment written for this Article was in 2010 and now 2014 still people writing comments, hope because of the RMS Titanic. Great Article!

  58. Brent Says:

    Titanic was not built for high speed. She could not come even close to the Cunard liners Lusitania and Mauretania in speed. Titanic could NOT have captured the speed record. She did not have the engines or hull design for that.
    She was also the second of three nearly identical sisterships. She became famous AFTER she sank. To call Titanic the finest liner ever built is nonsense. Why? Just because she sank? That is all a part of the modern myth Titanic has turned in to. There were spectacular liners built before and after the much exaggerated Titanic. How can you say she was the greatest of all time if you have not researched in detail liners built before and after? The Imperator of 1913, about 15% larger than Titanic, had huge public rooms and was designed to exceed Olympic and Titanic in every way. The list goes on and on………..
    Titanic was built over a century ago. That’s like comparing a modern car to one built in 1912. Titanic is quite small by modern standards and the average cruise ship today is much larger.
    We should get back to reality here.
    FYI: The rudder on the ship was not defective. The maneuvering ability of the Olympic Class liners was proven over the years. (And the fact that the center propeller was just in front of the rudder increased its effectiveness)

  59. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Great information Brent. thanks.

  60. Anonymous Says:

    Both wounderfiul engineering marvals of they’re time, but as stated as different as chalk and cheese, these ships where designed over 90 years apart and for different purposes.
    However both share common traits.

    1 both designed to carry large capacity of passengers
    2 lavish comfort levels

    It is true titanic was never built for speed, she wish built for comfort, but within a class society, oasis is built for all classes but even that said, money rules the size of your cabin, not much has changed there in 100 years.

    Interiors, signe of the times sorry, but just look at 3rd class and steerage on board titanic, through a flat screen on the wall and a x box 360 in the cabin, most people 100 years later would still be happy..

    Titanic remains in everybody’s dreams, at that time there were any number of ships that left port and we’re never heard from again.
    Titanic fate that night changed the world forever,
    We remember her for her fate, I’m sure god forbid that if a similar fate should happen to the oasis, lessons will be learnt and she would be remembered as the costa Concordia will be, and this bring me to our final comparison.
    100 hundred years later, we’ still can’t avoid human error, with all the technology we have, sonar, radar, gps wich bare in mind titanic had none, ships still sink in the same old fashion way they did 100 years ago.

  61. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Thanks “Anonymous” a will written contribution.

  62. jamar roby Says:

    The oasis of the sea is a amazing ship and is better them the Titanic in my opinion and is much more safe , fun, and relexing.the titanic had Man made flaws and errors. New Techology beats old Techology any day but i have to give all the credit to old Techology for being the bacis building blocks and inspiration for new techology.

  63. Loriane Parent Says:

    I am fascinated by the Titanic. She’s such a beautiful ship! I’m not only talking about the luxurious side but everything about her. I’m actually talking about the history around it. The tragedy included. If she hadn’t sunk, I would be fascinated by her, I can assure you that. Sure, there are other ships that are more beautiful, bigger and all that but, to me, nothing can beat the great Titanic. <3'

  64. Tony Says:

    I do Also rate the Titanic highly for her beauty both her exterior and interior (as I think modern day liners lack that distinctive character and despite the many modern features and night life they offer, look rather cheap). But I have to admit there were others perhaps that were more beautiful and extravagant ie the Normandie featured such luxury she actually mirrored and out sized the Palace of Versaille’s dining hall and of course the decor in the Queen Mary featured a café restaurant which resembled the one seen in London’s Ritz Hotel. However no doubt about I’ve yet to have seen any ships grand staircase (whether bigger in size or height) that can out do the grandeur of Titanic’s, which truly captures the image and taste of quality and breathtaking opulence.

  65. James Says:

    Comparing a Cruise Ship like the Oasis to an Ocean Liner like Titanic is not only an apples-to-oranges comparison, but you’re comparing a modern vessel with an antique. This is a stupid article.

  66. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    …James it is also one of the most read articles of my blog! ;-)

    The whole point of the article is to show how far the evolution of passengers ships has progressed in a hundred years – of course they are Apples and Oranges.

  67. Jonas Corn Says:

    poor James, the article is very good !

  68. Jack the Referee Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this thought provoking article, good work m8. The love of ocean liners from years past has been a passion of mine for over 40 years. The Titanic, Normandie, Andrea Doria, France/Norway just to mention a few that were ill fated but not forgotten with the other legendary vessels of that era…

  69. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Thanks you very much Jack.

  70. marlonbarlow Says:

    Well an interesting read, I think comparing the two ships is daft however I liked the pics of the huge size scale difference,I also enjoyed reading the comments some informative some laughable. I have been a titanic researcher for 20 years now and would like to ask you and your commenters what they think about the conspiracy theories was it titanic or really Olympic I throughly researched both sides of the argument and if I’m honest it has left a huge doubt in my mind what are your thoughts?

  71. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Thanks for the comments even if you do think it’s “Daft”. I know of the Olympic conspiracy, but I don’t believe it. (Did not Ballard prove this theory wrong?)

  72. Bill Malcolm Says:

    “Malcolm Oliver Says:
    April 16, 2012 at 21:28

    Guess I’m just stupid then! ;-)

    Curiously it is my most viewed piece that I’ve written!”

    Big Macs are highly popular too, but nobody ever confused them with quality.

    Good Lord, all it would have taken is a bit of research on the web. Olympic and Britannic were Titanic’s sister ships, and hardly anybody ever mentions them. These ships were not built for speed, but for comfort. Steerage or third class was there to cheaply transport emigrants to the USA, not to give them a pleasure-filled cruise on the high seas. Whaddya expect for 3 quid?

    Talk about comparing chalk with cheese. These modern cruise ships would roll over and turn turtle in a North Atlantic storm, because they’re top heavy and have no freeboard. They’re made for paddling around in a mill pond, while stuffing their passengers with bad food at the level of a Little Chef. Luxury.

    Can we have a comparison article between a Sopwith Camel and an Airbus A380 please?

  73. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Bill,

    1) I enjoy a Big Mac occasionally

    2) Can we have a comparison article between a Sopwith Camel and an Airbus A380 please?

    A brilliant idea!

    Thanks for you comments.

  74. claes lundqvist Says:

    Well if you compare size in terms of displacement Titanic is half the size of Oasis of the Seas and compared to Costa Concordia Titanic was bigger 52 310 tons vs about 51 000 tons. Oasis of the Seas at just about 100 000 tons.

  75. Titanic wins Says:

    Titanic beats Oasis of the seas by a long shot Oasis was made a hundred years after titanic. Titanic is the biggest ship 1912 and it always will be, and it is way more luxury then Oasis. Titanic also used the best equipment of the time. Titanic is and all ways will be better.

  76. robin Says:

    Remember before 1960 these “liners”, not “cruise ships” were the “only way to cross” propeller planes took 20 hours 1960 jet reduced that to 4 and all those liners berthed along Manhattan melted away.
    Cruise ships are frivolous.
    Liners took you where you had to go..and they were the only way to get there….

  77. benshorer Says:

    Fantastic website – saved me hours of planning for my Year 4 class looking at the history of boats!!

  78. josh Says:

    “Adura Says:
    August 1, 2010 at 17:50
    Great review and very interesting.

    I think they should have fine wooden paneling, hand carved mouldings and ornaments on a cruise liner. Nice to have proper china mugs and cups with the ships emblem on, and oner oak grand staircase (with stair lift for disabled). Also a library.

    But then it would probably cost a bit.”
    End quote

    So as far as cost it should be small change for a crusie line to make a Titanic nowadays. The Australian billionaire is accully doing so now. He is going to make an absolute killing on it aswell. Personally if any cruise lineres were half as tastfull as the golden age of travel you would have far less complaints.
    It does go bearing that the ships of then have become the fast jumbo jets of now. The cruise liners now just are money making sea hotels, the very idea of that in 1920 would have made people keel over! (Put intended)
    Humanity has finally got it right as far as how to make money, its just unfortunately we don’t know how to distribute wealth, had they learned this in the 1900’s early years Titanic would never have happened.

  79. BT Says:

    Titanic still has very big impact in cruise industry,especially in china,most Chinese middle class want to travel on a cruise because
    they have seen that films(traditionally China has no ocean culture).If China become the largest cruise market in the world in future,that will mostly be a Titanic‘s contribution

  80. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Good information BT.

    Clive Palmer still claims that he IS going to build a Titanic 2.

  81. BT Says:

    chinese government wants china to become a major player in cruise building industry,so they may support his plan

  82. zootycoon346 Says:

    Robin has made an important point; for most passengers the Olympic class were a scheduled and reliable (apart from crashing into an iceberg, a battleship and a mine) service for getting from a to b at a competitive price. Oasis and her kind are floating holiday/shopping destinations. Different market, different era. I still maintain that the safety of Olympic/Titanic after flooding was probably better than the modern cruise liners as Costa Concordia has proved. Also the likelihood of an engine fire on a diesel ship is higher than on a steam reciprocating/ turbine ship though nobody would want to return to the near slavery of stokers shovelling coal into boilers! Olympic and the rest of them were converted to oil after WW1 for good economic reasons but what will replace oil which is massively polluting (climate change) and may become too expensive in the near future?

  83. Principe Raphael Says:

    Both ships cater(ed) to the American market. And RCI is a Scandinavian, not American owned company. You make a lot of condescending generalizations about America and its citizens. What have we done to your country???

  84. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi, yes you are very right. RCI roots are Norwegian although they offer an American style product.

    I actually love America and the America people in general – but both countries have some undesirables!

  85. White Eagle Says:

    Thank you for the time taken to compare both ships. I’m watching Titanic for hundredth times and was wondering how it compares to modern cruiseships, which I see everyday in local seaport. Amazing how world changes.

  86. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Wow..thanks! At least somebody like my efforts.

  87. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Thanks for the comments Lucy.

  88. Sam Lebowski Says:

    Apples and oranges. Titanic marketed itself on luxury – i.e. the “floating palace” idea. And even then, it was only the richest who could afford to travel first class (admittedly, second class and even third class on the Titanic wasn’t actually so bad compared to many other ships of the era however).

    It wasn’t even the most fastest ship of its day, but it was definitely the most luxurious. Getting from point A to point B in the most comfortable way possible was the main goal of the Titanic.

    No, the Titanic doesn’t have casinos or rock climbing walls or bowling alleys or ice skating rinks or 10 swimming pools but that is not the point.

    Today’s cruise ships market themselves as packaged holiday destinations where one can have fun and enjoy themselves. Think of it as “Vegas meets Disneyland”.

    How much fun could you have had on the Titanic? Well, not much. You had a single swimming pool, a library, and?

    Quite simply, there is no place in the market for a ship like the Titanic today. Some might feel saddened by this and perhaps long for the days of old when the walls were paneled with mahogany and brass, meals had ten courses, actual music was played by trained live orchestras instead of having the latest Miley Cyrus beats pumped out through speakers, and people wore frock coats and top hats instead of t-shirts and jeans.

    However, the world has moved on.

    The truth is that air travel has completely supplanted the need for ocean liners. Nobody is going to want to spend 10 days on a boat just for the “luxury”.

  89. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Thanks Sam, nicely put!

  90. Darby Says:

    Well, as an academic exercise this has been rather interesting. But it seems that the only direct comparison between the two ships pertains to gross tonnage and corresponding dimensions. Perhaps a more interesting comparison would be between Titanic (and its sisters and contemporaries) and today’s largest ocean liners (rather than cruise ships). People still take world cruises, but not in floating hotels; I don’t think a ship like the Oasis is designed to navigate deep and turbulent ocean waters.

    One other comparison worth making is between Titanic’s engineering and technical features and those of a large passenger liner today (or perhaps super-yacht?)

    And then there is the luxury argument. Despite the fictional characters in James Cameron’s Titanic, I think we can all agree that he pretty much got it right when it came to portraying the sheer opulence, elegance, and style aboard this most storied of ships. Is there anything on the water today than can compare? I’d love to read something about that.

  91. Malcolm Oliver Says:

    Hi Darby, the Queen Mary 2 is the only modern Ocean liner, please read my review.

  92. southamptonoldlady Says:

    Excellent post, great to have that comparison picture for size

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